Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dylan Wiliam on how to get better (and a little bit on performance pay)

As I've mentioned I spent last weekend at the Hawker Brownlow Conference, Teaching for Learning in Melbourne. This was a great way to spend the weekend and it has left me with a huge amount to think about and to try out on my poor unsuspecting students (my Year 10 class on Wednesday: "Sir, why are you in a good mood today? It's weird" - thank you Rich Allen).

One of the reasons I was quite excited about going to the conference was to see Dylan Wiliam (see photo, left), whose work has changed my classroom practice quite a bit since I became aware of it last year. Wiliam has a rigorous research backing for his advice to teachers (which is a nice change). His work is about focusing on feedback loops that allow the teacher to adjust the teaching in progress to correct student misunderstandings. That's a very brief summary and you can find a lot more at his website.

I managed to bail Dylan up at the end of one of his sessions and get him to agree to answering a few questions on tape. I couldn't resist asking him about our wise Federal Government's plans for teacher performance pay, and he was kind enough to take them down a little over it. The whole interview is about nine minutes. Enjoy!
(This link will, I think, download the whole MP3 rather than play it in your browser - I have been unable to bend Blogger to my will)

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